Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Coasty Weekend :)

12-13 November 2011

Just right after my suppper tiring and sleepless KL Trip, I got a surprise text from my previous workmates, Carla and Marco. Carla texted me, saying that Chef Marco (her previous boss) asked for my number. Then I got a text from Chef Marco congratulating me that I won the Coast Thru Life Coasty weekend with Jericho Rosales, Nikki De La Paz and Buji Libarner (surferstars couple) and the rest was history. 

I was shocked. And couldn't believe it at first. Until I checked my Facebook and received a private message from one of the members of CTL, Nikki. HAHA I don't know what to say! I was really surprised that I almost jumped for joy! (parang bata lang)

The funny part was, CTL members Chef Marco Portugal was my former office-mate at CCA and Kuya Joncy, is Marc's (my Beda friend) older brother. Small world, yes?

Well in this whole event thing, I can bring one friend with me, so I contacted every friend I know who's interested to join me. 'Til an old friend and coach from SBCA, Ajjie said yes to me. Haha, buti nalang hindi ako mag-isa. Otherwise, I'll die in hiya! hahaha. :P

It was an overnight event. Well, actually a 3-4 days event for Coast Thru Life. Some members went ahead of us, like Nikki, Buji, Carla and Ian. Then stayed longer for their Waves for Water advocacy. I was given an overnight stay at Kahuna Beach Resort, take note, one of the best (or should I say expensive) resorts in La Union. Special treatment indeed. :)

It was one helluva weekend. :) I got to meet so many wonderful people. I got to meet Jericho Rosales. Not only that, he was my surf coach. Haha! Sabi ko nga para akong nasa teleserye that time. :) I got to meet Malibu's professional surfer, Carla Rowland, you should check her out:, and her hubby (husband-to-be), Fil-Am Ian Zamora who's also a surf enthusiast and a shaper. Check his amazing work of art here: :)

Photo from Coast Thru Life
Photo from Coast Thru Life

Photo by Kage Gozun
Surfing 101 with Jericho Rosales
Photo by Coast Thru Life
Echo to Me: This is the right way to carry your board.
With Carla Rowland and Ian Zamora


I had the best time of my life.