Saturday, 28 April 2012

Movie Date: The Avengers

My friends (Dar's family) and I went to Trinoma last night to watch The Avengers in 3D. We bought the 10:25PM movie time, arrived at past 8PM, had our pasta/pizza dinner at A Veneto (dinner c/o Kuya Mer *thanks Kuku), bought DQ for dessert (c/o Dar and Pat *thanks so much mga manager) and went straight to the cinema.

It was one hell of A GREAT MOVIE! Two-thumbs up! It's worth your penny, I promise. ☺

Anyhoo, here's some snapshots from our date out.

Mel: Marula in Gold ☺

The long wait is over, hahaha after 3 days of waiting, finally my package arrived! My super cute pair of flats from Melissa. ☺ After swooning over this sandals at Shoe Salon in Trinoma and VMall, I decided to purchase it online via Zalora.

I was slightly disappointed with Zalora's delivery service. It took them 3 days before they ship the item.  I called and followed up more than 3 times siguro just to make sure they'll ship my order on time. Akala ko pa naman same day delivery sila ('coz that's what they're promoting). Hence, when I was about to cancel my order today, sabay dumating naman

Anyways, here's what I purchased:

PS: One thing about authentic Melissa shoes is that, THEY SMELL really good compared to Class A or Replica Melissa's na you can find online or sa Greenshills. This one smells really good haha.


Friday, 27 April 2012

Online Makeup Store: Makeup Depot


I'm so happy to announce that I just opened an online store for Beauty and MAKEUP junkies out there. I will be selling AUTHENTIC cosmetic products from E.l.f, Nyx, Maybelline.. etc. ☺

I will be posting more photos of my products, so please LIKE my Facebook page, "Makeup Depot". And Happy Shopping everyone! ☺


Wednesday, 25 April 2012

On Her Special Day

We celebrated Mama's 58th birthday (first birthday without her) at the Loyola Cemetery in Marikina.
We cooked lumpia, spaghetti, chicken, ordered chocolate cake and asked your favorite folks to give us company on your special day. 
Happy Birthday to my one and only favorite woman in the world, I love you Mama!
We miss you already!

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Happy Birthday, Mama!

All your life you've put our needs and wants ahead of your very own. Today is the special day when you can sit back and relax. Happy birthday to the most wonderful woman in the world. I love you Mama, and I miss you so much! This is your first birthday na wala ka. I miss you. And I want you to know that I love you so much. I'll see you soon. 

Happy Birthday! I love you!

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Swatch It


Hello Swatch New Gent Lacquered, you're so pretty! ☺

© Swatch Watches

Anong sabi ng red watch mo? Nakakaloka, anyone knows if this ones available na dito sa Pinas????


Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Zalora PH Exclusive Sale


Shoppingeras (like me!) out there, great news, Zalora Philippines is throwing away an exclusive sale!

ZALORA is now offering an ultra exclusive sale section filled with items from international brands from Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand with FREE delivery straight to your door!

And here's more: Everyone who follows @ZALORAPH from April 17 - 20 and tweets their email address gets a PHP 250 Voucher!

Sale away loves! ☺


Sunday, 15 April 2012

Mini Last Minute Haul

Last minute bazaar visit with Ate, Tita Melvie and cousins at Ate Christie and Robby's booth @ Amoranto Sports Complex. (Hope I got the name of the place right) Serrry! ;) Anyhoo, they're selling authentic stuff from US, like shirts, bags, make ups, you name it. If you're interested on purchasing, they have a Facebook page, you can check here.

Anyways, here's what I purchased: Pigil na pigil pa ako sa lagay na 'to. Trying not to spend toooo much!!!!! Hehe. ☺

they didn't sell this one. 
Sally Hansen Lip Gloss/ Estee Lauder Lip Shine
 Authentic TH Wallet.. (just in time)
they didn't sell this one too... ☺

That's all for now... see you on my next post! ☺


Saturday, 14 April 2012

Forever 21 Mini Haul

Last Thursday (12 April), while waiting for Kuya Mer to arrive, Dar and I went window shopping (at Forever21), but turned out spending a little (little daw oh?!) Hehe. ☺

I went crazzzzzzy!!! Well, not really. Dar went crazy, he saw Heart Evangelista shopping at F21 too. Anyways, here's what I purchased:

1. Sunnies
2. Floral Summer Dress (I got on sale)
3. Gold Bangles

That's it lovely friends... See you on my next post! ☺


Sunday, 8 April 2012

See You Soon, Mama. I love you.

Today, I have gone through every single thing you can imagine – anger, sadness, fear and guilt. Every inch. Every last one. Except regret, because I know you can't regret something you can’t change. 

I felt Mama was taken from me long before she died. And I still feel that now. 

That day, when Mama couldn't speak and say her last piece, seeing her look at me, incubated, eyes covered with tears, and fighting for her last breath.. those were one of the worst memories I have. 

Just before Mama got real bad and they had to rush her to the hospital, I was out so they called me. And then literally when I arrived, she was weak and powerless, couldn't talk anymore. So I gave myself 2 options. One is to feel really guilty about it for the rest of my life. And the other is to forgive myself. Hence, I know the 1st option is way easier than the 2nd one. But sometimes I have to struggle with them both. 

I know the only way for me to go on and move on is not dwell on those times. Sabi nga ni Albert sa akin, “you just have to bounce back”. Not think about the times where I just wished for everything to be over. Thoughts that sometimes, I wish things were different. Thoughts of .. I don’t know how to make it through the next hour or day or week without her. 

I know I had to focus on the good. But I feel that I still need her every day. And every time a day ends. I’m still in shock. How will I make it through it without her. It's hard. :( 

She raised me well. She made me this wonderful person I am today. And I'm thankful that she gave me her life, her everything. 

I have to believe that somehow her 57 years here on earth had a purpose -- to serve, to help other people, to deliver goodness and knowledge, to care, to provide and to love each and one of us. 

I break down all the time. All the time. And all I want to do is talk to Mama. To talk to her and tell her all my problems, and worries and tell her how much I love her. 

It’s hard, and everything just looks black, and I can’t see anything except black and blank ahead of me. 

Unfortunately, I know I still have quite a road left until I get to the end. Mixed emotions. Uncertainties. I really don't know. 

Even if it's over, even if I know that she's now at peace, resting, there's still a tiny piece of hope that something will suddenly change and she’ll be okay again. That she won't leave us. I want to see her all the time, but it only makes me feel worse. And since she's gone, I couldn't stop thinking about her, sad thoughts keeps coming back, what ifs and what-could-have-been and they are so much worse than reality. :'( 

I miss her so much. And it only made me realize I have no choice but to accept and move on.

Mama, I know you're up there...with Lolo and Lola now. With Papa God. But I miss you. Mahal na mahal kita, Mama. I know you're happy now. Pain-free. Rest well in peace. I will see you soon. I love you.