Thursday, 24 November 2011

My Christmas "How I Wish-list!" :D

Hindi naman masamang mag-wish this Christmas right? So there, these are the following goodies I want and LOVE to have for Christmas! I hope Santa will get to read this and grant me kahit 1 lang or 2? Hahaha. Or if he's generous enough, he can give them all. :)

Haaay! Ang sarap mangarap naman.
The Time Teller P (red) by Nixon
 Mura lang 'to swear! 2k + I think? So okay, maybe I'll get this myself.
McTavish Fireball Evolution 9'0"
Wuhuuu really nice log, yes?
Women's Nike Lunar Eclipse+
 I'm size 6 by the way. ;)
The North Face Heckler or Amira bag (red, of course)
A happy camper bag!!!!

and last but not the least,

Samsung Galaxy S II
A new phone! YAY!

I hope my Santa will give me kahit 1 or 2 lang from these. Hahaha!!!!