Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Supersale Bazaar: 02 March


Majority would definitely agree with me... that it's very (very) hard to resist... SALE especially if its SUPER SALE! Yes? Tama! I'm quite sure you're all aware of the Supersale Bazaar, right? It was a 3-day sale, from March 2-4 held at the World Trade Center. My friend, Ria and I went there last Friday (02 March). On its 1st day, yes!

We were so excited and we made sure to visit each booth. Anyhoo, here are some snapshots on how it went: let the photos speak for itself. ☺

so nice 
My camera died after this shot, but thank goodness Ria brought her tab, so here's my shots:

Finally saw Say in person! ☺ She's super nice and gorgeous! Look, matching pa ang outfit namen diba? Haha.
With Say Tioco Artillero

Make up overload! Haha. Super daming mabibili - bags, shoes, clothes, accessories!! Tempting! Ugh.☺♥  I'll make a separate post for the stuff I purchased. 

Do you guys also went there and shop like crazy? It was tiring no, but sure fun! ☺

Thanks for dropping by.