Saturday, 12 May 2012

Weight Gainer

Say hello to my new friend...

FYI guys, I weigh 42 kilos as of today. So that's 92 LBS. Hello underweight malnutrition? HAHA! Last Sunday, I went to GNC, Trinoma planning to grab the Whey Protein Milk Dar suggested me to drink since I'm planning to join my boy-friends (Jel, Biatch, Roj) on their Saturday "boxing" routine. I was giddy about it since I've been thinking about trying that before. And finally, I found friends who are into it as well.

Since today (May 12), is Mama's 40th day, I'll skip this Saturday and attend next week sesh with them. I'll update you guys at once. Hence, this Weight Gainer Milk I've been trying to consume for 4 days now gives no result... yet. Sabi ni Kuya Francis of GNC, I'll gain weight in 5 days if I drink this one 3x a day. Kaso ang bilis ko mabusog I swear so I take it once a day. Not bad, slow improvement I guess but NOT BAD at all. Since the 1st day I tried it, gosh, para akong may dalang bata sa tyan ko, ANG BIGAT! ☺ By the way, this cost me, PHP 2,700+? I think. Not sure, can't remember, but roughly that amount. I have 20% discount since I'm already a GNC member. HAHA. 

Anyhoo, I'll keep you guys posted if this one will work on me. I hope so. Kung hindi, masisira sa akin ang GNC.. joke. :P

Thanks for dropping by!