Sunday, 15 April 2012

Mini Last Minute Haul

Last minute bazaar visit with Ate, Tita Melvie and cousins at Ate Christie and Robby's booth @ Amoranto Sports Complex. (Hope I got the name of the place right) Serrry! ;) Anyhoo, they're selling authentic stuff from US, like shirts, bags, make ups, you name it. If you're interested on purchasing, they have a Facebook page, you can check here.

Anyways, here's what I purchased: Pigil na pigil pa ako sa lagay na 'to. Trying not to spend toooo much!!!!! Hehe. ☺

they didn't sell this one. 
Sally Hansen Lip Gloss/ Estee Lauder Lip Shine
 Authentic TH Wallet.. (just in time)
they didn't sell this one too... ☺

That's all for now... see you on my next post! ☺