Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Are you afraid of the doll?


Have you seen Demi Moore's doll collection? I'm sure they're gonna give you nightmares. :|

Just found out that Demi Moore is so far the world's most high-profile doll collector. Imagine, 3,000 pcs. of dolls. THREE THOUSAND? Hahah! What the hell! Pwede na syang magtayo ng museum. Or shop. Kasama na dun yung barbie dolls and G.I Joe doll figures nya. Amazzzzing! :)

So I checked out Ashton Kutcher's Twitter page, then saw these photos of super creepy doll collection of Demi. Grabe lang! Namangha ako na kinilabutan.

Bruce Willis (Demi's ex-hubby) gave these dolls to her when they're still together.  He bought these dolls in Paris, France. Take note: LIFE SIZE DOLLS. :|  Where the maker/creator/mastermind of these dolls lived. In the person of Anne Mitrani. She became the Europe's finest art doll creator of realistic children. The MOTHER OF Authenticism.

Try to Google for more infos about her.

PS: They look like real kids, but NO! They're just dolls. 


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