Friday, 23 December 2011

If I Was A Rich Girl: My updated Wishlist. :)

I just loooooove making fool of my myself. Haha! I know this is "quite" superficial, but heck, I'm dying to have these amaaaaazing stuff this Christmas, or maybe New year, or perhaps on my birthday! :) Doesn't matter really, basta I promise myself to save UP (for real) to get these awesome stuff. :) 

It feels good really, to actually do and compile the things you want on a special occasion. It feels like, you have the power to avail them no matter how cheap or pricey the items are. 

This was actually an updated version of my previous blog called, My Christmas How-I-Wish-List. I mentioned Top 5 things I wish for Christmas, and thought 2 of the ones I listed aren't really interesting now. Hahaha like, the Lunar eclipse shoes, which is hindi naman madalas magagamit since hindi naman ako "regular" gym person and the Northface bag, since Darwin already gave me one last February (his birthday present). :)

These are just random things I've been dreaming about for days. And hoping to touch them, and actually possess them. :) Haha. Sorry, pero ang taas talaga ng pangarap ko minsan. Wala naman masama diba? :)

I promise myself, to save up money (though not as huge) to at least purchase some of these awesome gooooodies I've been drooling for days/months. :)

Can't stop lookin' at them. Hahaha.

1. ) Nixon Time teller -P = Grabe 'to. I can't wait to save money for this.
2. ) Cole Vintage Bag called Lorenzo = Found this at Chicify. ;) Online shop that sell awesome bags, clothes, shoes, etc.
3. ) Maybelline's Volum' Express Cat Eye Mascara = Been eyeing on this one for days now. But I just bought a mascara from KL so, I don't know. Hahaha.
4. ) Nyx Matte Lipstick (Tea Rose) = I love lippies. :)
5. ) Travel Ticket = To Palawan, or Bohol, or Bali Indonesia. I wanna surf again. I wanna feel the ocean again. :(
6. ) Nikon Coolpix p500 = I guess its time, to give up Milo. And invest on this one. May HD vidcam din kase 'to. And the best part, its color RED! :D
7. ) Mctavish Fireball Rev 9'0 surfboard = Wuhuuu!!! Aabutin ako ng limang taon bago mabili 'to. Or more? Hahahaa. :)) Sa mahal. Eto na siguro yung pinaka-huling mahahawakan ko sa personal. :(
8. ) Keds Champion OC (Red) = Saw this at Shoe Salon, Trinoma and fell inlove with it. :) Nice, yes?
9. ) New phone. = Torn between BB and HTC. Hahahaha. :))
10. ) MONEY! Eto talaga ang need ko above all. I need MANNY PACQUIAO's money para mabili ko ang lahat ng ITOOOOO!!!! :)

♫ . ♪  If I was rich girl (na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na nah)
See, I'd have all the money in the world, if I was a wealthy girl
 ♫ . ♪