Thursday, 19 January 2012

Beauty Haul

My boy-friend Darwin and I went shopping yesterday at Trinoma Mall. He went shopping for clothes he'll be wearing for his company annual dinner next Tuesday, that is BY THE WAY styled by yours truly *ehem*. (airhead alert!) Haha! and I went shopping for make up.. and some personal needs as well.

So I just wanted to share you guys the stuff I purchased: (and use, in case you're interested to know hahaha)

Photo detail:

Head & Shoulder Hair Fall Control Shampoo (P46.75) / Myra VitaWhite Lotion (P100.50) - I usually buy the biggest bottle but they ran out of stock / St. Ives Apricot Scrub (P182.50) / Johnson's Baby Bath -refill (P55.25) / Colgate Dental Floss (P151.00) / Maybelline Cat Eye Mascara (P445.00)

By the way, I didn't include the vitamins I bought. I'm becoming more health conscious too. :)

I guess that's it loves. Thanks for droppin' by!

Ps: I will make a separate entry/review for the Maybelline Mascara. Stay tune! 

See yah!