Sunday, 1 January 2012

01 January 2012 | Feliz Año Nuevo

Wow! I can’t believe its January again. Year 2012 it is. I could still remember living my life before
, never seeing the sun for days on end, having to meet friends for dinner in a place and taking forever to get there. hahaha! I remember getting out of the house at 8 or 9 pm, 10 pm is the latest, rushing, always rushing, headphones on, Jeff Buckley or Adele playing on repeat, shaking the chill out of my bones, always being drawn to just a peaceful, ordinary night in.

It seems that it was very immature of me to think that I could live in a place by myself and come out the same person (or at least be a more stable version of myself, that’s what I wanted). Living by yourself does not reinforce you or make you a new-improved version; as if someone had just added more Ajinomoto to your recipe. It changes you fully and in surprising ways.

I indisputably learned to challenge myself. And embrace decisions. 

What I learned from this life and on-- life IS indeed too short for hesitations, and for submission. There’s so much, SOOOOO much that I want to do in this world.  It’s unutterable. 

Maybe climbing a higher mountain. Sky diving. Base jumping. Cliff diving, even flying a helicopter or a plane. Living in a first world country. Learning another language. Being stuck in an island. Ruling a country. And I can go on and on.

For this year of MORE challenging and HOPEFULLY as much amazing like last year, I won't be wishing for another star. Or pray for a miracle. I will start with MYSELF. I will make IT happen. 

I am so much blessed today that God has given me another year to live. Another day to learn. Another minute to think. Another second to breathe. And that WHAT MATTERS to me most. :)

I couldn't thank everyone enough for making my life more meaningful and amazing! To each and one of you who made a huge impact in my life. Who made me the PERSON I am today. 

This is for more years and beyond! It's now or never. ;)