Saturday, 28 January 2012

To Gain and Beyond! :)

February is motivation month for me... to gain at least 20 lbs. Let me say that one more time friends, 20 POUNDS! Yay! I don't know if I can do it, but yes, I'll do it!!! :)

To kick off, my friend Ria introduced me to this Calorific thing she does everyday. That's counting your calories intake depending on how much weight you want to achieve. And as for me, I need MORE calories to gain more. :) 

I know I know, I'm too skinny and believe it or not, as of today, I am 41kilos and that's equivalent to 90 lbs maaan! What the hell! So skinny mayyy gulaaaay! :|

Kinda frustrating really. It's not something I should be proud of, since I'm petite, maybe if I'm a super model height, pwedeng skinny ako! But I'm 5 feet freaking flat, to have 90 lbs of weight that's scary. Really scary. Malnutrition damn, kahit super lakas ko kumaen. :))

Thanks to the great wonders of Google. I finally found the solution. LIVESTRONG.COM is the answer (well, not technically). Its an online page about food, health and exercise. You can find a tool there that will help you count the calories, fats, fiber, etc intake you consume everyday. (You can check their site, they cater a whole lot of helpful healthy stuff). So, for a skinny person like me, I need to consume 2,453 cal/day! My goal is to achieve at least 2lbs per week. Kaya ko kaya?Hahaha!

So this is how it looks like. I started today. I woke up late so I skipped the breakfast and lunch.

Mejo mahirap pala at first. You'll start to get conscious on what food you're taking. Even the amount of food, dapat marami.

I'm planning to buy a whole lot of healthy and unhealthy food tomorrow. Just to balance everything and won't deprive myself naman. ;) I still wanted to inject the GO, Grow, Glow policy. 

I'm planning to hit the gym too. I'll provide Whey Protein before and after the work out! Ewan ko lang kung di pa ako tumaba neto hahah! :) I'll keep my fingers crossed. 

I know I'm weird guys. I know most of you have weight loss issues, and me? I want to gain weight? Hahaha! Seriously, it easier for me to lose than gain weight. Konting puyat at stress lang, pumapayat nako. That's my secret kaya ako pumapayat, but I don't advice it to everyone because I find it so unhealthy. Plus unwanted facial blemishes will haunt you down. I know you never want that to happen.

I hope this one will work out. I really need this tracking thing to get me motivated. And a daily reminder na din that I should eat MORE. I'll keep you guys on track. :) So, today I'm 90lbs. I hope after a week I gain at least 2 lbs. ;) Pray for me. LOL!

That's about it really.