Monday, 16 January 2012

My Body is a Wonderland

Thanks to my bestfriend Jel for influencing me to get one.. and more. Haha! And to my mom for scolding me... not... when she found out. Hehe.

My first ink (got this in 2007)
As far as I remember, I designed this one myself. I wanted a star and a moon (kinda) together in one design with a tribal effect. So here eto yung kinalabasan, re-constructed by my first ever artist Sir Norman Labao. I don't know where you can find him now, because the last time I checked Robinson's Place Manila, wala na dun yung shop nya. :(

My second ink 2008
I knew I wanted a Jesus cross-ish design, and Jel's artist Alex Cabaluna did this for me. No, actually, I was the one who conceptualized the design, Lex did the drawing. Yeah haha! That's a cross with a tribal effect (if that's what you call it).
Third in 2008
Same artist, Alex. This is a heart chakra. A mandala symbol that faciliates love, harmony, protection, release of rejection. etc.. The original color of this chakra is green, but since my first two inks are black, I made this one black as well.
Fourth in 2009
This is my most favorite tattoo of all. Altough, eto din ang pinaka-painful sa lahat. Considering I already passed 3 pen refill size needles, pero this one was really painful. I even named this "the painful killer lotus". My original artist was out during that time, and Rex (Alex's reliever) did this for me. Thank God he's good. Haha! Because this was really painful. Ayoko ng ipaayos pa if ever. Hehe.
So this is what it looks like now

This is the whole package hahaha
Ate Pam's friend, Marvin (you can check him out, he's a great artist too) did my 5th ink by the way (the star & moon on my left). Got that 2010? I think. Hehe.

Anyways, please ignore my bilbil and yes, I'm out of shape I'm sorry. Haha!

I'm planning to install my 6th ink in the future. Still unsure what design to get. If you guys have any suggestions, feel free to comment. :) Thank you in advance. 

So that's it, thanks for dropping by.