Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Movie Date: Underworld 4

My friends (Dar, Kuya Mer, Ria, Jasper) and I went for a movie date at Trinoma Mall last Sunday (22 Jan). Had our full carbo battle meal dinner at Sbarro and DQ- Starbucks for desserts (c/o Bunso ~ Pey ayieeeee, dami pepay. ;D) Thank you very much. Cheat day daw!

The movie was pure awesomeness, kahit super bitin.. literally, bitin! And it shouldn't be a PG-13 movie, the fight scenes are (very) violent and bloody gore. Compared to the previous installments, Underworld 4 have more rapid actions, yet less story.

Kate Beckinsale is incredibly amazing! She perfectly delivers her character as Selene, a vampire assassin. Super galing nya, ang lakas ng character nya. And  she's super sexxy!!! :)

Great effects. Lots of bloody actions. Very entertaining that will leave you hanging in anticipation and wanting for the next episode.

Can't wait for the Underworld 5!!!! Nakawala na si Michael!! Hahah! :P

5 stars and 2 thumbs up for this movie. :)

The Ludovice Brothers (Si Kuya Mer, excited lang.... naka-simangot na.. :P) © Ria Armea

That's all for now loves! See you in my next post! :)