Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Birthday Holiday [Part Deux]

Wrapped the last few hours of my birthday with Dar and his family (Kuya Mer, Ria, Jasper, Dianne and Jaffa). :) Plus, Dean and Sam Winchester on the side. Haha! (Supernatural Addict alert!)

Pizza. Carbonara. Cake. Love. Friends. Family. Birthday! Priceless! :)

PS: Thanks to my friends, and family who remembered. Thanks for the birthday wishes. Thanks to my Mama, who brought me into this world. I love her so much! :) And most of all, thank you Papa God for giving me another year to celebrate life. :)


Jaffa! -- Azazel's eyes!!!
Really nice! :)
Gift from Pey and Dianne. LOVE!! ♥

Thank you so much loves! Kisses! :* :* :*

That's about it! Thanks for droppin' by!