Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Weekend Movie Date: Ghost Rider II

{Disclaimer: This is my own POV about the movie, so Ghost Rider's fans out there, don't get mad at me... hehehe!}
Hello there!

My friends (Dar's family) and I went to see Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance last Sunday. We bought the 525PM movietime, arrived at 4pm I think, grabbed some snacks and went straight to the cinema.

We were all excited to see the sequel of the first Ghost Rider. Maybe our expectations went up high since this is Nicolas Cage's movie, we all thought it's gonna be another blockbuster hit or whatnot. Hence, after watching it, our expectations fell short. :|

First and foremost, the special effects weren't even special. During fight scenes, they literally animate everything, as if I'm watching a TV commercial *slash* animated cartoon shitniz. Too bad. There is a lot of smoke going on with Johnny Blaze' motorcycle, that is by the way looks very different from the first movie. More smoke, average fire. Hehe. Johnny Blaze' jacket which happened to have sharp spiky thing on the shoulders replaced with a melting jacket during his transformation. Even his powers (the Ghost Rider stare) was different. Para pang nababaliw si Nicolas Cage, shaking his head side ways. 

Well, basically, it was entertaining since we watched it in 3D, however, the story and effects were boring. I almost fell asleep (really). If only they will give the rights and let the Marvel do the 3rd sequel, and give us the next descent movie. The trailer actually looked great, hence, the actual movie was entertaining yet wasn't very interesting. 

Which brings me to conclusion that, it pays to read movie reviews first before actually seeing the movie. hehehe.

Overall: ★★

Anyway, here are some snapshots from the day out:
© Dianne
Ria and Kuku © Dianne
© Pat
Terno? © Pat
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