Saturday, 11 February 2012

Top 5 Gadgets For 2012

I'm not a gadget junkie, but when I saw these gadgets upon browsing the web, I knew I had to share it with you. Well, you might probably be aware of these by now, hence, allow me to swoon over these amazing gadgets everyone is looking forward to this year.

1. iPhone 5: There's no official release date yet, but with this new design, I'm sure this is going to be essential to anyone interested in gadgets. (this is a probable design, not sure if this ones official)

2. iPad 3: There's a rumor going around that this may be out ahead of the iPhone 5. ;) I'm sure Apple Fans can't wait!

3. Wii U: Full HD, 6.2" touch screen tablet - Nintendo's 2nd generation of Wii 2! 
4. Samsung NX200 Digital Camera: Full HD movie recording, Wild wide ISO range from 100-12800, and 20.3 megapixels for a digital camera??!? HELL YES!! :) Just released this January for a price of P39, 990.00!!!! 
5. Samsung MV800: Another one from Samsung. It has 16.15megapixels, 5x optical zoom,  HD movie recording and DIS for a user friendly photo shooting. ;) Plus, you can create, and take photos at any angle from its flip-out design. ;) Brilliant!

So, tech geeks, shoppingero't shoppingera, which gadget would you want to have? :)